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who we are & what we do 

We’re a collection of the sharpest crafters and grafters that deliver the very best content, communications, copywriting, creative and advisory across automotive, sport, design, technology and travel. 

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The Agency
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All in the name

Carrozzeria & Co takes its name from the small but specialist group of coachbuilders - or carrozzieri in their native Italian - who inspire all we create and do.


Over 100 years ago, these craftsmen and women set about creating some of the finest automotive artworks to ever rule the road. They were the byword for truly bespoke creativity.


Dominating the design scene from the 1920s through to the 1970s, this high time of style and substance brought about a golden age of creativity and flair that transcended far beyond automobiles.  


We channel every ounce of the carrozzieri’s uncompromising commitment to style and substance as we welcome in a new age of bespoke creativity. 


Welcome to Carrozzeria & Co.   

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